The Grand Coffeeneuring Challenge

Lucky me! Just when I needed something doable on the bike while nursing my knee, I found the delicious coffeeneuring challenge! Seven rides, in seven weeks, to get coffee, hot chocolate or tea, at seven different places, at least 2 miles away (round trip). Doable and fun! Riding a Seven bike, I believe I am particularly well suited for the challenge (duh!)

I am joined by one of my best friends here is Seattle, more like a sister really. My friend has held my hand ever since I arrived in town from Rio, 11 years ago. Together, we have biked, run, swam, and walked. The walks are priceless and I actually should have been paying my friend for all the therapy she offers me on those walks. Almost every week, once a week, for the past 11 years, we take a 45 minute walk together, usually around our favorite lake, Greenlake. How lucky am I! I know we can coffeeneur successfully and have a wonderful time. I am particularly confident because she is also very well equipped with a Seven bike…

Fall days are inviting for coffee, tea or hot chocolate.
Fall days are inviting for coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

But what exactly is coffeeneuring? What first attracted me to randonneuring were stories. Way before I dreamed I could ever ride 100 kilometers, I adored reading about the adventures of long distance cyclists out there, exploring their cities and surroundings. It was storytelling that brought me to the wonderful Chasing mailboxes blog (you can read about it here), which led me to coffeeneuring. It is basically a playful take on randonneuring, designed skillfully by Chasing Mailboxes’ writer, an avid cyclist and talented storyteller. It is accessible and fun – anyone can join (anywhere in the world) and enjoy, as the days grow shorter and colder. This is my first time and I am quite excited about it.

So, here we go, for the next seven weeks, seven rides to seven places on our Sevens! I guess our “theme within a theme” is, well, “Seattle’s Seven Wonders” I suppose! Awww, the beauty of seven – unsurprisingly, George Costanza’s favorite name for a baby…

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